Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I can't believe we're already doing this.
We've chosen a school for Alina, she can start kindergarten in January but we're planning to only send her in March because we want her to be a bit more comfortable with the 2 languages we're speaking to her.  At daycare it does frustrate her a little when people don't understand what she says in one language and we hope she'll make the distinction better when she's a bit older.
The choice of school will provide a bit more meat for this blog when it starts because it's a catholic school.  The primary reason for the selection is that the school is the closest one but my wife finds the catholic bit an extra bonus (I find it a mild negative).
Being a Belgian school it is not too heavy on the religion, it didn't come up during her registration and I only spotted one promotional poster that was just a soft message that I would agree with too and at the bottom in very small print it had the bible chapter/verse reference.
So I'm pretty sure it'll be ok but I'm gonna keep my eyes open :-)


rob a said...

Hugo, what are the two languages your daughter is hearing at home?

Hugo said...

Nederlands and Polski
I'm trying to keep up with Polish but she's already way ahead of me!