Thursday, January 31, 2008

Smith & Jones Sketchbook - Holy Satan

Religious tolerance is great !

Vote for EU coin design

Because it has been 10 years since the Euro became a reality (the Euro exists since 1999 but bills and coins were only introduced in 2002)
We the people can vote for the design of the a commemorative 2 Euro coin:

The pictures are a bit small but I think there's some sciency designs ;-)

hum, if you have a tattoo and that tattoo has boobs

Don't try to actually give the tattoo implants!

A tattoo with actual breasts?

Pretty sick

(the links in this post are totally safe for work, except if you don't like blood, needles, tattoos and maybe fake silicone boobs)

My next phone/GPS...

I present you the nüvifone

Wow, just, WOW

That thing just looks awesome, I've had several Garmin GPSes since 2000 and they have always been very userfriendly and very stable, can't wait for the nüvifone to come out in Europe!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yeah, like I never really had that

No really, well I can't remember the time of the Easter Bunny

Heal me!

Oh powerful lizard queen ...

But I would not inject myself with her blood though ...

"People with chronic health problems, irrespective of where they live, look around for all sorts of treatment, including dangerous options," Prof. Baguma said adding: "They may get temporary relief by using lizard blood; of course they won't heal of Aids and will only become worse off economically".

The first comment is right that the article is a little too lenient on the quacks, or not scolding enough against them.  If someone just read the first few paragraphs it could appear to give the quacks some credence.

But I like the last paragraph, prayer absolutely needs to be mentioned alongside such things because it is exactly the same!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Become An Atheist Today

A good start for the weekend!

Very important

Please read these baby handling tips very carefully, it's your baby's safety!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I hope those bastards really hate it

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Would you eat your friends...

I was a bit miffed at my low score but then I do have some strong friends ;-)


What day is it?

Depends, it could be KHORDARD

Added another blog to my atheist folder

Not A Blog(tm)
Because of this post

Now to find time to read all that

Jeez I'm out of touch

Guess the movie described by fundies
I used to love these kind of things, but could only identify 3 and that doesn't include #10 ...

The images are haunting, and spiritually dangerous for anyone who is not completely grounded in Scripture!

Yeah! so grounded they're 6 feet under ;-)

Monday, January 21, 2008

P-Mommy donations

Just read an update on P-Mommy's grassroots effort to get her some freedom of movement in her own home.

Everything is really going well and I think P-Mommy will remember 2008 for a long time ;)

But I wanted to make a little general comment, seeing as how fast and how good this went, on essentially nothing more than a few blog posts.
Most of this has been done in complete anonymity and the person doing the collection is doing it in his own name, he could have pocketed the money without much repercussions in his real life
He also had not even seen nor spoken to the person for whom the collection is (until his 15th post on the donations)
And yet I felt no restraint as to the validity of the recipient of the donation nor the person spearheading the effort. I did not know about berlzebub's blog but having read P-mommy's blog for a while now and having had a few private mails with her I felt as if she's really, in a small way, part of my in-group, and as an extension any friend of hers is a friend of mine so berlzebub was trustworthy enough to give a donation to.
This is as much an observation about the trustworthiness of fellow atheists and how far atheism has come to have even an informal community feeling as it is about blogging being a real community where good things happen.

I for one hope to see more and more of this, the world is really becoming very small indeed.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Trading Spouses - Crazy Lady -

It's an old one but a classic.
Is she talking about the "dark side" or "dork side"? ;)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Atheists in Turkey under fire

Creationists Control Internet Access in Turkey

If we hired a lawyer and challenged the court order, we probably would have won our case. But we do not want to disclose our identities. This is our biggest weakness. According to our lawyer, there is no way to take a legal action in Turkey and remain anonymous at the same time. Many Turkish intellectuals who were against Islam and outspoken about their views on religion were murdered by Islamic fundamentalists in the past. We do not want to risk our lives.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tom Cruise on scientology

Tom Cruise on scientology, the similarities with other religions are uncany!

The face of the man who didn't exist

I present you Jesus

Possummomma (aka, Atheist in a mini van) needs help

Because of her disease her Possum Den is too bright and needs some expensive shades.

Read all about it, and how to help, here

Monday, January 14, 2008

frisbeesANDflipflops's coming out story

Great video, this girl made a very thoughtful decision.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Penn and Teller: Placebo Effect

Actually that snail massage looks pretty good, we get a lot of those here, maybe I'll give it a try just for the soothing effect (and I'd save a potential $25)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Miracle cures?

Just read an article that our Belgian Father Damian (a noteworthy Hansen's disease (leprosy) worker who died of the disease himself, unfortunately also a priest) might be declared a saint this year if the claims are accepted by the catholic church that a woman who prayed to this man has had a "spontaneous regression of cancer".

As a skeptic I immediately see some problems, "spontaneous regression of cancer" is common and can have many reasons, much more noteworthy cases have occurred.
Do a search for it on Google or read this
Coley's Cancer-Killing Concoction

The final operation could only partially remove the huge mass, leaving an open wound that subsequently became infected. The unfortunate immigrant was deemed a terminal case. Yet four and a half months later, the man was discharged with no trace of disease.

It is like intelligent design, you can't disprove an alien super technology planting DNA in the primordial soup or adding a few strands here or there but there's no reason for it and not a shred of evidence.

In this instance the doctor just states the facts, others add the miracle claim and in the end it is a popularity vote.

But there are dangers with it, the woman got lucky, she refused treatment and her cancer healed itself, how many die because they think they can do the same?
Contrary to (credible) reports about Mother Theresa, Father Damian did provide comfort and medical aid to the people he cared for and regardless of his beliefs his work was and is noteworthy and I think should he be alive today he would not advocate refusing cancer treatment in lieu of prayer.