Monday, January 21, 2008

P-Mommy donations

Just read an update on P-Mommy's grassroots effort to get her some freedom of movement in her own home.

Everything is really going well and I think P-Mommy will remember 2008 for a long time ;)

But I wanted to make a little general comment, seeing as how fast and how good this went, on essentially nothing more than a few blog posts.
Most of this has been done in complete anonymity and the person doing the collection is doing it in his own name, he could have pocketed the money without much repercussions in his real life
He also had not even seen nor spoken to the person for whom the collection is (until his 15th post on the donations)
And yet I felt no restraint as to the validity of the recipient of the donation nor the person spearheading the effort. I did not know about berlzebub's blog but having read P-mommy's blog for a while now and having had a few private mails with her I felt as if she's really, in a small way, part of my in-group, and as an extension any friend of hers is a friend of mine so berlzebub was trustworthy enough to give a donation to.
This is as much an observation about the trustworthiness of fellow atheists and how far atheism has come to have even an informal community feeling as it is about blogging being a real community where good things happen.

I for one hope to see more and more of this, the world is really becoming very small indeed.

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