Friday, May 8, 2009

Sending a stern message

Apparently my medical insurance company (Partena) supports "alternative treatments", here is the rough translation (I sent it in dutch obviously) of what I sent them:

I am satisfied with Partena but as a customer I want to let my voice heard AGAINST de validation that's being given to "Alternative treatments" by your Advantage package (it is good that you at least do not label it "alternative medicine" as it is indeed not medicine)

I hope the funds attributed to this are minimal and have the lowest priority, I understand that these things are popular and are a way to attract customers but you should also be aware that you could also lose customers over this who do not wish to see higher contributions or have their contributions being used for this.

Kind regards,


I just wish more people would voice their opinion and let these companies know that appeasing the ignorance is not always the best move.

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