Friday, May 8, 2009

Crackergate in Belgium !!!

"Niet zomaar lachen met het geloof" ("don't just laugh with faith")

I've searched for English sources but can't find any yet so let me frame and translate a little, Goedele is a sort of celebrity (for over 15 years already) in Belgium who stands for women in general (women's rights, freedoms, sexuality ...).
Since about a year she has her own magazine, sort of controversial from the first issue (had a vagina story with explicit pictures, not a very big issue in Belgium).
On the latest cover she's depicted as a nun, that's not too bad for the church here, they should and can accept this but in the magazine are some (fake) communion wafers with an accompanying text: Eat this it is my body.
And yowza, big uproar, cardinals, bishops, priests all have their knickers in a twist and shout about outrage.

I have not bought the other issues but: I HAVE TO GET THAT MAGAZINE!


inkadu said...

Better yet, why don't you make your own template for the wafers and upload them to a children's arts & crafts website?

Unknown said...

shouldn't be too difficult since it's just a circle.