Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Evil Empire

I so want to see this animation:
The Evil Empire

A little review can be found here (3rd from the bottom)

Sounds interesting:
The video animation takes place in the heart of Vatican City, in the year 2046. Surrounded by the glorious frescoes and wealth of his St. Peter Basilica apartment, a fictional Pope will be portrayed as a young man struggling with his porn addiction, similarly to all ordinary men who cannot avoid the temptation of the contemporary society.

I've read some more about it, apparently that Pope (Urbanus LXIX) will be able to actually fly like superman, and has piranha teeth and there's a scene where he's fucking "multiple nuns and a sheep" surrounded by masturbating priests.  That script just must have just written itself.

It's causing a bit of a stir in Madrid, Spain where it is being shown as part of a film festival.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Why always the need to tack on a little evil

Poland's largest charity launches campaign to feed African children

Commendable and worthwhile charity, one of the presidents donating is a non believer.
However why does this have to be mentioned in the same article, what is the relevance?

The Children of Africa campaign is also to mark the World Mission Week,

What is mission week you ask:

'It is a Christian way, or answer to globalization. To be responsible, to share the Gospel, the good news about the Kingdom of God. But it is also very important to help people who are less develop than us and to support them .'

Over two thousand priests, nuns, monks and lay people work in countries classified as "missionary", and that excludes European countries, even if Polish missionaries are active there. They evangelize, but also play a major role in helping the local societies develop their infrastructure, education, agriculture and industry.

(emphasis mine)

So they get help but gotta put up with some god talk, how noble.

Becoming holy

Can't find an english source for this

Pater Damiaan is weer beetje heiliger
(Pastor Damiaan is a little more holy)

A translated quote from the article:

"Scientists declared the healing of a woman's cancer as unexplainable" ... "The woman got better after praying to pastor Damiaan"

So okay, the "scientists" probably didn't lie when they said that they don't know exactly how the woman's cancer was healed to go from that to saying that it was a supernatural healing and that it was prayer and specifically the prayer to that specific saint?  The leaps of faith are just so huge, it would be laughable if it wasn't being reported in mainstream media.

Lets see, even if we go with a supernatural healing, perhaps someone in the woman's family was praying to a different saint and it was that one or perhaps one of the doctors or one of the nurses was praying for a whole different religion, perhaps it was a saint/god group effort to heal this woman.

And then there is the obvious question of why, what are the accomplishments of this woman, what could have possibly prompted a dead pastor to interact with the real world to cure one instance of cancer, why did she need saving when children are dying of the same and even far lesser diseases?  Was it because the zombie knew that this woman was monitored and that he would be found out, in essence a claim to fame by a ghost?  Really I should be laughing here but it will be another argument by someone to say to an atheist "see, there has to be something"

My take is that perhaps, maybe, the woman had a good reception to certain kinds of drugs or treatment, her cancer wasn't so bad and the doctors and supporting staff did a good job.

Why is it never a real miracle like an arm growing back or a baby with spina bifida spontaneously regenerating it's spinal cord or even a minor thing like a cleft lip, something that we can now easily correct but it would still be infinitesimally more profound and miraculous than the next cancer healing if such a lip would regrows on it's own ...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm an American Hero

And that with the atheism badge !!!

(I had to go quite a few rounds on Colbert's Religion Randomizer to get it ;-) )

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Quote of the day

"it's about as useful as the pope's balls"

(Christopher Hitchens talking about religion off-course during the debate with McGrath)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

He's on fire!

Well I always thought that pope JP II was sort of okay ('xcept for the condom and general dogma stuff but overall he was moderate and human) I guess god didn't agree ...

Is this Pope John Paul II waving from beyond the grave?

Now I don't know all the modern interpretations but doesn't that mean that he's in that warm place and not blowing up condoms in heaven?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hitler was loved

A lot!

Hitler's correspondence revealed: Love letters to a dictator

A few remarkable quotes:

Frau Troeltzsch of Berlin sent Hitler three silk handkerchiefs with pictures of Hitler sewn into them which Hess sent back saying "you do not have permission to send handkerchiefs with pictures of Herr Hitler."

Such women were later put under the monitoring of the Gestapo as Hitler feared that his cult of personality could lead to a destabilisation of home life in the Reich. As he climbed further up the ladder of power so the tempo of the letters increased.

Aah the old "tough love" routine, why do the most vile murderers get love letters (and some even get married) in jail.

"Therefore the soul of our people is sick. The biggest part of German womanhood has lost the place that God intended for it... man at his work and woman at the stove and motherhood revered once more as holy! Heil!"
Hitler had her declared the woman of the year in 1940 and made her a Nazi party functionary.    

And off-course as a good atheist Hitler had to award belief in a soul and god by his subjects ... <sarcasm off>

Monday, October 8, 2007

From my news feed

And more of the Madeleine McCann fund will be blown in the wind:

Mr Locator joins hunt for Maddie

Mr. Locator must be for real 'cause he has a "device" probably one where in step 2 it says "and then a miracle occurs"
Why doesn't he patent and sell his device to all police around the world, he'd be a millionaire, I guess the miracle part only works when he uses it ...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Strange I don't see those mountains near Leuven

And I guess we spoke French back then

Still, the Wrath of the Gods game proves that church bells work

Le Courage

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

News:Palmdale California Security Guard Breaks A Girls Wrist

It's been a while since I went to school here in Belgium but I don't think we even have security guards at schools (perhaps for the buildings but definitely not for the students)
Cannot believe how out of hand such a stupid little thing has gotten I sincerely hope it turns out ok for the girl and her mother.
Can't care less for the security guard, he should be the one without a job and paying a decent sum to the girl and all medical expenses.
Talk about abuse of power!