Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hitler was loved

A lot!

Hitler's correspondence revealed: Love letters to a dictator

A few remarkable quotes:

Frau Troeltzsch of Berlin sent Hitler three silk handkerchiefs with pictures of Hitler sewn into them which Hess sent back saying "you do not have permission to send handkerchiefs with pictures of Herr Hitler."

Such women were later put under the monitoring of the Gestapo as Hitler feared that his cult of personality could lead to a destabilisation of home life in the Reich. As he climbed further up the ladder of power so the tempo of the letters increased.

Aah the old "tough love" routine, why do the most vile murderers get love letters (and some even get married) in jail.

"Therefore the soul of our people is sick. The biggest part of German womanhood has lost the place that God intended for it... man at his work and woman at the stove and motherhood revered once more as holy! Heil!"
Hitler had her declared the woman of the year in 1940 and made her a Nazi party functionary.    

And off-course as a good atheist Hitler had to award belief in a soul and god by his subjects ... <sarcasm off>

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