Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Why always the need to tack on a little evil

Poland's largest charity launches campaign to feed African children

Commendable and worthwhile charity, one of the presidents donating is a non believer.
However why does this have to be mentioned in the same article, what is the relevance?

The Children of Africa campaign is also to mark the World Mission Week,

What is mission week you ask:

'It is a Christian way, or answer to globalization. To be responsible, to share the Gospel, the good news about the Kingdom of God. But it is also very important to help people who are less develop than us and to support them .'

Over two thousand priests, nuns, monks and lay people work in countries classified as "missionary", and that excludes European countries, even if Polish missionaries are active there. They evangelize, but also play a major role in helping the local societies develop their infrastructure, education, agriculture and industry.

(emphasis mine)

So they get help but gotta put up with some god talk, how noble.

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