Friday, June 22, 2007

Yep Seattle is great

Pharyngula links to this article.
Seattle is truly the best place in the US, I spent an exchange year there and went back a few times, funny enough it was with a christian organization (though in Belgium they dropped that part of their name, sneaky bastards). On my application I did state clearly that I was godless and I even got a godless hostfamily that was truly the best match ever. I don't think the situation would be the same today, I haven't checked up on ICYE in a while ... WOW they dropped the Christian and renamed it Cultural. That is wonderful, there is progress in the world, like my above example I always found that organization open and not about the religion, if you are thinking about doing or sending your kids on an exchange program check them out (this is not a school exchange, you will be working as a volunteer in social projects)

Today will be a good day, I took the day off work to get my old car to the garage and do some chores and there has been an accident on the route I usually take to work that blocked the whole freeway.

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