Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Excuse of the day/week/month

Gotta have an angle when blogging so I'm gonna try this and see if I can keep it up or not.
I'll put up an excuse that believers put out and give my opinion on it.
Don't know yet if it'll be day/week or month, here goes.


When a believer is presented with the condom problem (you know, AIDS is killing people in Africa, the vatican or other religion is opposed to condoms thus they have at least some blood on their hands)
A believer will come back with the argument that the religious message also says that there should be no premarital sex and that people shouldn't have multiple partners.
So in essence the believer says that people chose to ignore the part of the advice about marriage but still listen to the "no condoms" message so it's not the church or religion's fault/responsibility, if people really listened to the church they'd be OK.
Yes, it is a lame excuse but one that I see returning every now an then.
Several ways of responding, first, the message against condom use is usually a lot louder and most of the time is complemented by real actions like the crazy archbishop of Mozambique, in some countries the church effectively banned condoms so even if people would like to disregard the "no condom" message they cannot.
Also in most countries with large populations infected with AIDS (and lets be honest in most countries period) not using a condom is the default position, it is not that people are selectively listening to only part of the message, people have to be taught condom use and the church's message is sabotaging any effort by good organizations who want to educate people and provide at among others also the option of condoms.
And the so called "good message" of no sex before marriage or not having multiple partners does not help the large and growing group of people married to someone infected with AIDS, they're usually not advocating "no sex" during marriage (though the vatican is thinking about the righteousness of this particular dogma).

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