Thursday, April 17, 2008


The issues in these links have to be seen and read by everyone:,2474,n,n


Oh yeah, and the catholic church admitted nazi collaboration:
Now why do I get the feeling that they're not telling the whole story, 2 million seems like a pitiful amount compared to the above links.  And why all the secrecy, we know nothing of the church finances (and probably will never know) I cannot understand that people still think that it is a good organization, private businesses were much quicker, much more forthcoming and much opener about their involvement with nazism.
And what's with the attitude that "the conditions were not as bad" that's like a wifebeater saying that at least he only uses his bare hands.

Found this on Richard Dawkins site:

How about Stepinac? How about the Franciscans who worked as overseers in death camps?
How about the Rat Line?
How about the beatification of Stepinac?

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