Monday, May 19, 2008

Little tidbit

I've bought new office furniture, my old computer table was bought about 13 years ago and though still fully functional our new home allowed for a much larger desk and some needed extra cupboards.
So after going through some office furniture books and trying out some designs in 3D and just because they're so damn easy the winner was IKEA.
Now about 80% of our furniture is IKEA (our house does look like the start of Fight Club ;-) ) so I know how their stuff works and for the most part it is very straight forward and I can do almost anything on my own (which I like, so I can set the pace myself) there is or rather as it turns out to be was one thing I always dreaded, cupboard doors.
The old system involved screwing a base inside the cupboard (sometimes needing to unscrew in order to screw it in right side forward)
Fixing the hinge on the doors with screws (cannot be done wrong)
And then the fun begins, you have to balance the hinges over base while holding a screw driver and and a few screws and try to screw the hinges to the base and then see if the door is straight, if not unscrew each hinge a little and slide the hinges back or forward and then there are other screws that can move the door sideways, I was never really satisfied with any of the doors with this system, they either tough each other when closed or scrape the cupboard or are crooked.
The new system is an immense evolutionary step forward, the base has no more right or wrong side so just screw it in.
The hinge has a way of getting fixed to the door without real screws, it has a plastic thing that I think works like a plug, the "screw" has to be turned only once.
And the best part, the hinge snaps into the base with a spring loaded system, no more sliding, balancing with a screwdriver ... there are still 2 adjustment screws embedded in each hinge (which the manual now amply explains how to use them) but on the 8 doors that I have installed nothing needed to be adjusted.
So bravo to IKEA, thanks for making life a little easier !

Those hinges rightly have a fan webpage, this looks like the new hinges, though the base still seems to have a front side and the hinges only have to be pushed into the doors no screws at all, maybe there's a difference with EU and US versions, still the best part is the snap action at the end:

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