Monday, September 22, 2008

Thought experiment

This post and a YouTube video I saw recently got me thinking.

Suppose that today on all screens and on all street corners, even inside all houses for every person on this earth their particular version of god or concept of supernatural entity would appear (Jesus for the christians, Vishnu for hindu's, even Zeus for those few that still believe in them, cosmic energy beam for the new agers etc.) and those characters would all tell the believers that actually they are all from the same alien race and that starting all those religions was a sociological experiment and that this alien race lives very prosperous without religion, even then I still think a large portion of the world's population would kindly take that information, put it aside and continue going to church and believing in their god much the same as before that revelation, and if they did not return to church by them self then any priest putting even a little twist on what happened would have his church full of believers again.

I'm 100% certain of this, I could not believe that the first answer by Lindsey in that Friendly Atheist post was made by a believer, I kept reading thinking that she was being humorous but no, that answer really is enough for her to cast aside all rational explanations of modern science (look at the horses answer!).

Unbelievable, there are books with titles that claim the writers do not believe in atheists, well I do not believe in theists, I have to think that in the dark of the night when she's all alone she is laughing at us atheists that we believe that she actually believes that stuff.
I have believe this to because to me the theory of evolution would crumble, no sane person who can use a computer could be so daft, it just cannot be, evolution should have naturally selected against such really, really gullible people by now!

(BTW that last paragraph was satire)

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