Monday, April 6, 2009

Praying the wrong way

Mecca mosques 'wrongly aligned'

I think eventually the prayers will arrive where they need to be.
We all know prayers are earth bound otherwise just a slight inclination a few 100km away from the Kaaba would shoot the prayer into space where it would dwell forever.
Thus it all depends on prayer velocity and friction, because unless someone is are praying exactly in line with a meridian or latitude the prayer will circle the earth until it eventually passes the Kaaba, now I don't know anything about whether prayers have friction thus slowing them perhaps to a standstill or if prayers could start dwindling down and crashing to earth or speed up and escape earth's gravity pull, I'll leave those important questions to the "real" muslim scientists.

(via The Anti-Theist and Misoclere Society)


stepan said...

You may want to read up on geodesics and correct your claims about the alignment with a meridian or latitude.

I suspect the quote about the misaligned direction "not affecting the prayers" is more about the ritual being less important than what a person puts into the prayer. But then, I wouldn't know, not being a believer myself.

Unknown said...

Hi Stepan, thanks for the clarification, this would mean that virtually no prayer from a certain distance would actually hit the Kaaba, they just keep circling the earth on their great or small circle for ever. However if prayers move with the earth surface (I assume they can penetrate walls or would that only apply to mosque walls? And what about water?) then those irregularities could shift the prayer a little each time thus it could change course a little at each revolution and perhaps cross the Kaaba at some point but I admit it is much less likely than I thought! (I didn't pay much attention at math in school ;) )

About the direction affecting prayers, meh, it's believers who make up the rules, and the muslim religious leaders have been pushing this directional thing so hard it'll be difficult to dismiss it to the sheep.
I'm just trying my skeptic best to interpret these rules. According to the article some sheep are genuinely worried that what they put into the prayer was for nothing (I agree but not for the same reasons ;-))