Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pope Air

Vatican launches airline for pilgrims

While some passengers only turn to prayer when jolted by turbulence, the Vatican made it standard on Monday by launching the world's first airline for Catholic pilgrims.

I wonder how they will tell the difference between pilgrims from other faiths (or atheist pilgrims).  Will you have to say a special catholic prayer before you are issued a ticket?
What about in-flight meals, you're probably only going to get wine and communal wafers.
Jeez, there's just too many jokes possible for this.
Instead of the life jacket you'll find a bible under your seat, smoking will be allowed again because with all the candles and incense the air is polluted anyway, you get extra legroom but it is so that you can kneel when the fasten seatbelt signs are turned on or off, instead of taxfree products you can make taxfree donations, "this is your pilot speaking, the stewardesses will now pass with the collection plate, being this close to god you do not want to piss him off, give generously"

Okay, if there's anyone reading this it should not be too hard to make a comment here.

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Anonymous said...

Goed zo Hugo! Laten we een kringetje vormen.