Thursday, June 5, 2008

I hope there will be a lot of posts

on this (not a) blog and not only because I hope he gets back home safe.

It gives us all a great inside look at the deployment of a US soldier (who btw is an atheist, with a sense of humor!)


Moses Gunner said...

I must suggest Christians and Atheist to read this book "The End of Reason" by Dr. Ravi Zacharias. This book forces the reader's mind to do the critical thinking that is so lacking in Christianity today. It should also be considered required reading for the atheist who has never really looked at a logical argument for the existence of God, or the Christian who has never really critically analyzed his own faith. Check out more information on The End of Reason here

Unknown said...

Thanks for that comment jaajoe, even though it only is a publicity for (your?) book.
I'd like to direct readers to the 1st video of a thorough book discussion:
1 -- Ravi Zacharias The End of Reason Book Discussion