Monday, June 23, 2008

A poor man left a comment on my previous post

He who must not be named (because of attention whore (nsfw) syndrome, will henceforth be called by his initials d.m. ) left a completely non relevant comment to my post on resolution 1464.
His gripe is with the JREF Challenge, in his comment d.m. claims to have personally stopped the challenge, what's really puzzling is that the JREF Challenge IS STILL ON until April 2010 (so still almost 2 years to go!)
Plus James Randi has not hinted at what will be done after 2010, the challenge may continue in another form, it may become more public (I hope) ...
From the comment it is obvious that d.m. is probably a teenager who is not very well off and is nearing the end of high school and he does not like the prospect of having to work for a living so he probably thought that he'd be able to win some money without doing anything and now is throwing a hissy fit, I suggest he gets a real job.

What's strange is that on a forum he links to he has posted this excellent video, just goes to show that the deluded only see what they want to see:

(oh, and I'm not going to allow his comment, I'm very liberal with comments and they do not even have to be really relevant but I'm not gonna allow rants!)

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