Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Challenge for Catholics

Suppose I have 2 communion wafers, one is an ordinary communion wafer straight out of the box (it was raining when it was taken out of the box so some water may have fallen on that wafer), the other has undergone transubstantiation in a church by a priest.

If any catholic can tell me how I will be able to distinguish one from the other I will publicly convert to catholicism and send a letter to the pope stating that I was wrong and that atheism is bunk.

(also I will do all the work for that catholic to enter and win the JREF $1million)

update: this is off course in response to Wafergate


Anonymous said...

According to the teaching of the Catholic Church, after the consecration of the Eucharist, the appearance of bread does not change. Therefore, every empirical measurement made on the consecrated host would match those made on an unconsecrated host.

Thus your stated challenge doesn't make much sense as a "test case" for admitting Catholics are right, since fulfilling the challenge would be tantamount to contradicting Catholic teaching.

Unknown said...

okay, then why would anyone physically harm or even threaten to harm another human over such a wafer?