Monday, July 14, 2008

Pole dancer acquitted

The following link is in dutch and I doubt there will be any foreign articles about this even though it is something that could be a success on many "weird news" sites.

Let me tell you what happened, a pole dancer from Knesselare, Belgium had a retired priest as a client (surprise, surprise, NOT ;-) ) and this priest let her use his car for "services rendered" (wink wink).
Now that's all well but this girl needed some oil for her act and used what she found in the car, now this was no ordinary oil, it was holy oil and the priest didn't like that so took her to court.
Thankfully our court system does not stand for such silliness and said that since it was proven that the use of the car was granted by the priest and that oil is oil (I don't know why her lawyer gave a statement in her defense that she "used the oil for other than holy reasons in her profession") the girl is fully acquitted for the infractions against the priest, YAY for reason ;-)
(to be complete: the article mentions that she does have to do some community work and pay a fine for other small infractions)

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