Thursday, December 18, 2008

Amazing, horrible, wonderful, sickening

Warning this is gonna be a post with some horrible things and the links also contain some pretty disturbing pictures, so you're warned.

This is all those things and more.
However the parents (and a lot of the commenters) should be a bit more careful with when talking about miracles, I know the article only mentions it once and the parents are probably genuinly thankful to the doctors and science for allowing their baby to survive this.
As I see it the only actual event that could in a way be defined as a miracle was the development of the 2nd fetus insite the baby's brains, all that follows is pure science and their luck of living in the western world.
I wish them all the best and thank goodness that humanity has progressed so much already to be able to give that baby a chance to live.
(via Pharyngula)

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