Monday, February 9, 2009

been a while

I haven't posted much lately, I've been sick, busy, having fun and just didn't feel like it.
But I got some things on my mind.

Here's a European story that rubs me the wrong way, PZ's latest post about Eluana Englaro, WTF, indeed how's a comatose woman gonna consent to sex of any kind but also does Berlusconi really mean to say that infertile women have no right to life???

Next I have a little beef with some fellow atheist bloggers, there are some other posts similar to this one, trying to limit what atheists can and cannot do as if they (or those that think like them) are/should be the only spokespeople for atheism, I don't feel like posting them all but I don't like it, unless they are speaking about the 1 in 5 atheists who believe in god I'd say let them give it their best shot at debating a theist.

... defend the concept that a god exists at all

Oh yes he does, because what Dan Baker agreed to defend was the non existence of the The God of The Bible, a very clearly defined god, not just "a god", and such a debate is quite easy, especially for Dan with his extensive knowledge of the Bible.

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