Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Religious Poland

Memory of Mother Theresa still cherished in Poland

Reading this from a catholic perspective it is probably considered a good noble thing:

'No one has died without a ticket for Saint Peter. Baptism we call ticket for Saint Peter. So you can imagine how happy they are to go straight to heaven. Saint Peter must be surprised to see so many coming up.'
From any other perspective it is a horrible thing to say, it shows no respect for the beliefs (or non belief) of the dying, it shows that saving souls was the real purpose of her mission, it shows the death cult that Agnes was part of (it doesn't matter if she really believed or just wanted it to be true very very much) and reeks of forced baptism.

Another highlight:

'Being beatified is not a degree of sainthood. It only means the extent of cult - local for the blessed and worldwide for saints. Mother Theresa is known the world over, so it does not really mean much if she is called blessed or a saint. Formally, she is not a saint yet, but practically she is.'

I don't quite get the first part, perhaps it is a bad translation from Polish, or a Freudian slip about the catholic cult.
However, practically and formally she's very dead, obviously many people feel and imagine and visualize her in their minds as a ghost but practically she is a dead woman, she kicked the bucket etc.

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