Thursday, December 6, 2007

Interesting site

(It is available in 3 languages, look on the right side)

It's not as fun as the commentary on the Skeptic's annotated bible which also has the quoran and the book of mormon
But it's a fast site and gives an interface for a good comparison of the 2 books.
It is interesting when searching for the common words, the bible has a lot more to say about:
sex, murder, kill(ing), slaves, sleeping with (sleep with) ...
ok, the same goes for
generous, love, kindness, laugh, family
(though the differences are less pronounced, like 138 vs 18 for kindness and 1115 vs 10 for kill for example)

Anyway, like I said interesting site, the more people know about the actual details of their faith the better (I think, they can't all be raving lunatics ;-) )

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