Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pope Ratzi...Bennie...whatever

When he feels the need to speak he should really physically put his foot in it!
I've hinted about his latest ramblings but it's too much for me to write at length about it, and others have done so much better.
These posts (and comments) convey my thoughts pretty well (and I like the cartoon in the first :-) ):

That's right. We can't guarantee it as centuries of atrocities have shown. We are on our own and it is up to us to make the world a better place. If we succeed, the power that will "cease to dominate the world" will be morally bankrupt frauds like Joe Ratzinger.

But, because I don't believe, and because the Pope and many of his fans are apparently incapable of the same sort of reciprocal empathy, when the guy tries to turn to moral philosophy and contest with the reality of atheism, the result is a childish mess of logical fallacy and clumsy slander.

Another post on why poopie Ratzi is just plain wrong and imho even consciously lying:

I personally believe that our morals come from our personal emotions, our parents, our society, and our experiences - but I don't have to justify that right now. All I am saying is that you are just as arbitrary in choosing your system of beliefs as an atheist. Stop pretending otherwise.

(There. Now I can just link to this post each time I hear this stupid, stupid argument.)

PS. the pope can name himself anything he wants but he started out as Ratzinger and that is just too good a name to use, nobody (outside of Poland) remembers JP's real name (Karol Józef Wojtyla) 'cause he did have at least some good qualities and as a person has earned at least that bit of respect (had he not been indoctrinated I personally believe that he could have been a truly great person) but Ratzi has done absolutely nothing right and is rightly going to go down in history as Ratzi.

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