Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brave woman

Already a woman at 14 years old, taking on such pressure by the most powerful organization in her country and still standing by her conviction.


The priest from Lublin keeps calling her. She also keeps receiving text messages. A psychologist recommended by the priest from Lublin comes to see her at the center.


-I'm tired with the pressure all these people are exerting on me. I'm not strong enough to take this – Agata tells us.
Yesterday Agata submitted written consent for the procedure at the hospital office for the second time. She tells us that she is sure of her decision. – I could go through with the abortion even today. I don't want this child. I'll become a mom when I'm grown up – she doesn't conceal her decision.

and many more

It is strange how those kind of religious anti abortionists think, my proposition for them would be this:

If you force someone to have a baby you can be fairly sure the baby will not grow up with much faith in your religion so the person will be doomed to hell anyway, why not let the abortion go through and let the "sinless" child-to-be go straight to heaven (since the pope annulled purgatory for unbaptized babies anyway)

I think if a person of authority in the church said something like that it would fit right in their dogma and would be accepted by the majority of sheep euh believers.  It would also make the issue of church state separation much easier, any law that doesn't fit with their dogma is okay because it is a law for the damned :-)

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