Friday, August 29, 2008

Radical catholics

Dutch article:
Katholieke vandalen vernielen condoomautomaten

Short Translation:

"Radical catholic" vandals destroy 4 condom dispensers in protest of contraception and abortion.  4 youths have been arrested on charges of vandalism for destroying the condom vending machines. The youths come from strict catholic families.

We all know that catholics can verbally show outrage (warning, thousands of comments make that link dangerous to click!) but they alway hide behind their (current) non physical nature, well these catholics acted and destroyed property, the step to harming people is not unthinkeable
Not that I thought that catholic belief was/is immume to violence (heck look at priest abuse) but it is a common reply that catholics are "enlightened" and that they have no radicals in their mids.

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