Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yamaha VMAX

Ooooh man, I had the first edition of the V-Max, it was in fact my first bike ever, the first bike I remembered from when I was young and the bike I really wanted, I didn't wanna start with a 600CC or some other whimpy bicycle I wanted a real BIKE and the V-Max was gonna be it (you can't believe how many people said that I was crazy to start riding on a 300kg 1200CC bike ;-) )
And when I had my licence and the financial means I bought one and LOVED it, my next bike which I bought for practical and sensible reasons was a BMW R1100RT it was much too sensible and consequently not that much fun.
Then when my daughter was born I slowly stopped riding until I bought a really good new car when I stopped riding altogether and now I am about a year without bike.

Due to a conversation last weekend I went to have a look what Yamaha was offering now and I landed on the NEW

W! O! W!
1679CC! 1679CC? One thousand six hundred seventy nine!? on a bike, a vehicle with only 2 wheels and still only about 300kg, suuuhweeeeetttttt no mention of the HP of that thing but it will probably beat the already awesome 140HP of the original V-Max
And a lot of the add-ons that tuners added seem to be there already, the exhausts are beautiful as are the scoops, there's a shiftlight, a sort of boardcomputer, ABS breaks, ...
And it is still a real V-Max, only a 4 gallon tank (about 15liters) I could get about 160km (100mi) out of one tank if, IF I managed to take it easy (the VMax is not meant to take it easy!)
And the tank is still under the seat, I wonder what the release mechanism will be like on the new one, it is good that it was such a fun system on the old one because with only 160km I had to stop at the gas station a lot ;-)

It will not be in the near future but someday I will own and ride that bike!  Someday...

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