Monday, August 11, 2008

Saw this DVD laying at a friends

What bleep do we know.

And indeed the house was full of angels, crystals and self-help books. 
Like the BBC review says, gullible indeed but I put it down with a smile, bit my lip a little, didn't bring it up and continued to have a good time ... is that what a "friendly atheist" does.
I must say that I never acted any other way, being an atheist doesn't have to ruin a good evening and I'm not out to pounce on every bit of fantasy that people choose to believe in, I did state my disagreement when she proclaimed that children born via caesarean section were supposed to be less assertive but only after she started it and dropped it pretty quick, I'm not entirely read up on that subject so must claim a "I don't know" but the way she stated it as a matter of fact I could not agree with.

It does feel good to have a lot more knowledge about such things, makes me more confident for when my child(ren?) will come with "The Questions" :-)

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