Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This is beautiful

PZ at Pharyngula has done it again again, no other blog has me dropping my jaw so frequently.
Look at this post:

So this is what a witchunt looks like…as a target

I began reading it, and things move around in my brain, at some point for myself I concede to thinking that the poor sap PZ is talking about has some little teeny weeny point that the physical destruction of something is a teeny tiny step further than merely discussing things:

It is one thing to say that belief in God is foolish and wicked and that Catholicism and Islam deserve scorn. It is quite another to physically desecrate the artifacts believers hold sacred.

(ooh I wish I could put the crazy Monty Python background like PZ, it really is soo appropriate)
Anyway, like I said, in my opinion there is a tiny bit of truth in that, PZ accurately and correctly dismisses it in saying that it is an enormous hyperbole to bring up that defense against what he has done.
But then comes the clincher, the point at which I'm really happy that my morning coffee is safely in my stomach and not my mouth.
You see the poor sap, Dreher, had already commented on Wafergate and his message was quite different:

If P.Z. Myers had any guts, he would put out a call for someone to send him a Koran so he could blow his nose and wrap fish in it. After all, it's nothing but frackin' ink on paper, right? So what's stopping you, Big Man? It's easy to shit on what Catholics regard as sacred. But just try doing the same thing to what Muslims regard as sacred. Let's see what you're made of.

That is just so brilliant, so eloquent, do those people not have memories?
Most likely they do not think about what they say.

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