Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We saw The Magdalene Sisters

The Magdalene Sisters was on TV, we only got in when about 3/5th of the movie was already done.
That was still enough though to get an opinion of how horrible those places were and the support the catholic church had to operate them.  It peaked out interest, well it seems only mine as I went to look for some more in-depth information (ah, Wikipedia, how did we do without you, I do read the discussion pages and check the history to see how controversial an article is or what opposing views are left out, this one seems fairly accurate).
Truth again appears more brutal than fiction, I find it really striking that the catholic church took over something that was good and and turned it into something evil.
What more do people need to see that such philosophies are not beneficial?  Those nuns, those priests, those parents, those caretakers all thought they were doing good in sending those girls to those places and treating them the way they did, it was all in the name of their dogma perhaps with exception of the priest's sexual abuse (in the movie the abused girl screams the he is not a man of god, I would offer than none of the people in charge of those asylums fit the god belief that that girl had), but that part was not the central theme of the movie nor the main reason why those things were evil and had to be shut down, it added to the case of-course but it does not exonerate the catholic religious mindset nor the hierarchy's responsibility.

I said that it only peaked my interest, I sent the links to Wikipedia and what I said here to my wife and got no reaction.  In a discussion after the movie her immediate reaction was one of protection of the catholic faith, she basically gave this answer:

The catholic institutions that I know are good and they do not force labor and let people leave voluntarily and I know people that became a nun and left without problems.

And that was enough for her to dismiss this issue as something that does not involve her church. 
It is sometimes difficult to keep cool, someone not willing to separate personal experience from the real world will never change their minds, peaceful Palastines (they must exist ;-) ) growing up in Hamas controlled regions will also see them providing education and health care, they could (and do) use the same logic to keep supporting the organisation and probably dismiss the violence Hamas does in the same way ....

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